Quebecers Pay $1,000 Every Year On Highways And Roads Even If They Don't Drive

It's even worse if you own a car.
Quebecers Pay $1,000 Every Year On Highways And Roads Even If They Don't Drive

Driving and roadway infrastructure is eating away at the wallets and savings of Quebecers, a study conducted by transportation advocacy group Trajectoire Quebec has found. 

In collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation, Trajectoire Quebec delved into the hard numbers on how much in taxes Quebecers are forking over to the government to pay for roadway construction and maintenance. 

The numbers are staggering. 

Even if you don’t own a car or drive, the average Quebecer is still paying $1000 every year in road-related costs, the study found. 

Spending on the province’s roads has increased by a rate of 70% in the last twenty years. 

“And this does not mean that the infrastructures are getting better,” said Philippe Cousineau, the director of Trajectoire Quebec, to CTV News

The average Quebec family will spend over 20% of their disposable income on transport-related costs. According to the study, families without a car will spend about $7000 per year whereas a family with a car can spend up to $20,000 annually. 

Looking at the big picture, the study found that transportation costs Quebecers $43 billion in a given year.  

When it comes to why the people of the province are increasingly spending more and more on transportation-related costs, urban sprawl was noted as having a major impact. 

The expansion of urban areas leads to an increase in the number of cars and roads that need to be constructed and maintained. 

To offset the increasing costs being placed on Quebecers, the study calls on the province to create a “sustainable mobility policy.” One example given is the creation of more tolls to offset the costs piled up on non-drivers.