Quebecers Want More English In Quebec

Sounds crazy, we know.
Quebecers Want More English In Quebec

Forty years after the adoption of Bill 101, it looks like Quebecers want more English in their life. Or, at least in their schools. 

That’s what a Léger poll published in Le Devoir seems to suggest. 

The poll found that 60% of Quebecers want a “relaxation” of Bill 101 to allow for easier entry into English schools. 

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Over 1000 Quebec residents responded to the poll, with their mother tongue included in the results. 

Interestingly, Francophone Quebecers want more Anglophone educational services, with 43% of French-speaking respondents in favour of a slight reform to Bill 101’s approach to English schooling in Quebec. 

Quebecers are now realizing that learning English isn’t necessarily going to destroy French, notes UdeM professor Marie McAndrew, speaking to Le Devoir. 

Others suggest that Francophones in Quebec are now realizing how beneficial it is to have some command of the English language, especially in the business world. 

Loosening up Bill 101 isn’t too likely, however, since Quebec politicians (from both Bloc Québécois and Québec solidaire) are pushing for a strengthening of language laws in Quebec. What that will look like, who knows, because politicians tend to say that type of stuff without any plan in mind. 

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