Everyone Who Bought Marijuana Online From The SQDC Will Not Get Their Orders On Time

The SQDC is scrambling to dispatch orders as Canada Post goes on strike.
Everyone Who Bought Marijuana Online From The SQDC Will Not Get Their Orders On Time

Any new business launch will naturally come with a fair share of issues and unforeseen problems.

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TL;DR Normally, the SQDC gives a window of 2-5 business days for delivery, however, due to the overwhelming demand for legal pot, those who placed orders will have to wait for their online orders for at least 5 business days or more.

The SQDC is a business like any other. But people tend to hold the government to a different and higher standard.

In the end, if you evaluate commercial "success" in the traditional sense by the objective level of attention, sales, and, ulitmately, profit that was made, we can safely confirm that legalization day was a definite "success" across Canada, and especially in Quebec.

The evidence is in the raw numbers.

The website received more than 7 million page reads and over 30,0000 online orders, and most impressively – the website didn't crash once.  

Not to mention the hour long line-ups that wrapped around SQDC stores across Quebec.

The SQDC even confirmed that they we're already running low on some in store products, and that many online products we're completely sold out as well.

In the end, the SQDC processed in total approximately 42,500 orders,  producing an estimated $1,381,250 in sales. 

Now, the SQDC is scrambling to meet the logistical challenge of dispatching 30,000 orders to customers across Quebec while their chosen carrier, Canada Post, is dealing with employee strikes.

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According to an official statement from the SQDC, the overwealming backlog of online orders and the Canada Post strike will result in delayed order delivery by at least 5 business days, possibly or more.

What this means for you? If you haven't placed an order yet, it might be best to wait until they've re-stocked popular items and, second, dispatched the massive backlog of orders from day one.

More news to come.