Quebecers Will Make More Money Than The Rest Of Canada Next Year

Workers in the province, rejoice.
Quebecers Will Make More Money Than The Rest Of Canada Next Year

Workers in Quebec are going to make more and more money in 2018, outpacing the rest of Canada, according to Morneau Shepell's yearly survey of Trends in Human Resources.

Surveying 370 employers, Morneau Shepell predicts salaries across Canada are going to increase by about 2.3%, on average. 

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Looking at each province specifically, salary-increases in Quebec are expected to be strongest. 

The human resource organization forecasts the average salary of a worker in Quebec will rise by 2.6%, the highest in all of Canada and a fair bit higher than the national average. 

To make all Quebecers feel even better, the provinces of Alberta and Prince Edward Island are only expected to see wage-increases at a rate of 1.8% and 1.9%, the lowest in Canada. Wages in almost all of the other provinces will be around the national average of 2.3%. 

Quebec’s rather impressive wage growth, at least as it is predicted to happen in 2018, can likely be attributed to the low rate of unemployment in the province, says Morneau-Shepell. The unemployment rate in Quebec is 5.8%, the lowest it’s been since 1976, points out CJAD.

The Morneau-Shepell survey also looked into what specific industries will experience the strongest growth in terms of salaries next year.

Utilities, manufacturing and wholesale trade, along with the finance and insurance sectors are all poised to see higher-than-average salary increases in 2018. So if you want a job with good pay, those may be the industries to get into. 

On the other hand, some industries will not be as economically viable. Morneau-Shepell predicts mining and oil and gas extraction will only see a wage-increase of 0.8%. Employees in the public sector aren’t expected to see much salary growth, either. 

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