Quebecers Are Worried That The French Language Is On The Decline

Is it really?
Quebecers Are Worried That The French Language Is On The Decline

With more English-speakers moving to the province each year, Quebec has been forced to offer an increasing amount of English services across the province.

Usually as long as you're in the city you'll have no problem getting around even if you don't speak French, which some Quebecers aren't too happy about.

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There's fear surrounding the recent changes across the province, and whether or not it's prompting a discussion for a completely bilingual Quebec in the future.

Mouvement Québec Français, a French-language rights group, is criticizing all of the campaigning political parties for participating in the upcoming English-language leaders' debate that's going to be televised across the province.

The group is under the impression that by appealing to any English-speaking residents in Quebec, the province will quickly become bilingual and lose the status of having only one official language.

The debate is the first of its kind in Quebec and is meant to show that the political party leaders care about their English-speaking voters as well.

Although, this isn't the message that they're getting across, since more Francophones are starting to believe that the French language is becoming less defended in society.

If you also consider the other changes the province has been making lately, such as getting rid of French on their road signs, then you can understand why French-speakers are beginning to feel so threatened.

The English debate will take place on September 17. It will be interesting to see how the political parties choose to discuss pressing topics in the province without speaking their first language.

For now, French is still #1 no matter where you go in Quebec. Only the coming months after the provincial election will tell if language laws are up for change.


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