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Quebec's Beautiful Peony Fields Near Montreal You Need To Road Trip To This Summer

Rows and rows of sweet smelling flowers!
Quebec's Beautiful Peony Fields Near Montreal You Need To Road Trip To This Summer

Flowers are a universal thing that everyone loves. The sweet flower smell, the stunning colours from basically every shade of the rainbow, and how they brighten up every room in your house. 

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By now I'm sure you've all explore the lavender fields and the sunflower fields in Quebec, if you haven't you definitely have to go ASAP! If you have explored those beautiful flower fields, then you must check out the stunning peony fields right here in Quebec! 

They're located at thePivoines Capano farm in Saint-Augustine-Desmaures just a 2 hour 30 minute drive from Montreal! The farm is dedicated only to growing the best peonies and they're home to 13,000 peony plants on site! 

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They're only open for visits from the public two weekends out of the entire summer but luckily the second visitation is happening this weekend!!

Visitors will be able to roam the rows of beautiful smelling peonies on Saturday, August 26th and Sunday, August 27th from 9am to 4pm! 

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They also have a store that sells fresh-cut peonies so you can grab a bundle of these sweet smelling flowers on your way out! 

They just started a new boutique line of edible peony products that just might be available now at their farm location! 

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Check out theirFacebook page and website for more information. 

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