Quebec's Beautiful Sunflower Fields Near Montreal You Need To Roadtrip To This Summer

There's a lot of natural beauty in the province of Quebec that most of us don't know about. The amount of gorgeous nature that we don't even know exists here is really amazing. 

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But summer is the time to get out there and explore this province especially because the weather for August is going perfect! So, I've got a new road trip for you guys that you should definitely check out ASAP. 

Just like the beautiful lavender fields in Quebec that I'm sure a lot of you have visited, there's amazing sunflower fields too!! 

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This gorgeous sunflower field is located less than an hour from Montreal at Ferme Champy! It's filled with rows and rows of these bright yellow flowers that are perfect for a summer photo op. 

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This farm just opened an all-new sunflower labyrinth where you can wind through the flower fields! Admire these beautiful flowers up close this summer!

The price of admissions for the sunflower labyrinth is just $5 per person. 

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They also sell some amazing sunflower products like sunflower oil, soaps, body butters, lip balms, and sunflower seeds! All of their prices are super affordable! 

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