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Quebec's Bishop's University Ranked #2 Party School In Canada

Partying is an integral aspect of the university experience. Academics come first, of course, but being able to go out drinking like a grown-ass adult is the beauty of post-secondary education. 

Quebec knows this to be true, as the second biggest party school in the country calls our province home. 

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In an annual rankingof top party schools, Maclean’s narrowed down which academic institutions have a student body that love to go out and imbibe libations.

Bishop’s University, for the second year in a row, came out as the second biggest party in school in all of Canada. 

St. Francis Xavier University beat out Bishop’s for the top spot, again. 

The Maclean’s rankings surveyed over 23,000 Canadian undergraduate students, asking them how many days per week they party (going to a club, bar, house party, etc.) and an average estimate of how many hours are spent partying in a week. 

Students at Bishop’s reported going out 1.6 days a week, spending a collective 7 hours partying. 

Bishop’s party-days-per-week wasn’t too far from St. Francis Xavier, with students from the latter university going out 1.8 days out of the week. But when it comes to the length of partying, St. Francis Xavier has Bishop’s soundly beat, with students spending an average of 7.9 hours on partying. 

Not that Bishop’s should be ashamed. There’s nothing wrong with coming second. This is just an incentive to party a little harder next year, so Bishop’s (and Quebec) can gain the glory of being the top party school in Canada. That is a prestigious title, right?

To see all the school’s Bishop’s beat out, check out the top 5 party schools in Canada below, and head to the full rankings here

1. St. Francis Xavier University
2. Bishop's University
3. Queen's University
4. Acadia University
5. Wilfrid Laurier University

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