Quebec's Bishop's University Ranked #2 Party School In Canada

Partying on and on.
Quebec's Bishop's University Ranked #2 Party School In Canada

As an ex-McGill student, I've only heard stories of the epic party-shenanigans that go on at Bishop's University. Nay, not simple stories, but legends, as any of the tales I did happen to hear seemed too debaucherous to be true.

But true they are, as Maclean's has pretty much confirmed Bishop's commitment to partying, naming the Quebec university the second biggest party school in all of Canada.

Surveying over 10,000 students attending 100 different Canadian universities, the Maclean's party investigation asked participants a fairly simple question: how much time do you spend time partying?

Well, actually the question was a little more involved, with students asked to break down how much time they devote to studying, being in class, traveling, working, extracurriculars, and partying, of course.

Then, the surveyors created a "party score" for every university, "based on the number of hours students say they party, divided by the number of respondents from each school."

And when the dust settled/the scores were all calculated, Bishop's came in at number two in the nation.

Actually, Quebec as a whole was pretty well represented in Maclean's Top 20 Party Schools list. Université de Sherbrooke, UQAM, and UdeM all made the top ten, with Concordia and McGill managing to place in the rankings, too.

To see who took the top spot, check out the full list of Canada's top 20 party schools below.

1. St. Francis Xavier University

2. Bishop's University

3. Université de Sherbrooke


5. Nipissing University

6. Université de Montréal‎

7. Queen's University

8. Mount Allison University

9. Acadia University

10. Wilfrid Laurier University

11. University of Guelph

12. Western University

13. Concordia University

14. Université Laval

15. Dalhousie University

16. McGill University

17. Cape Breton University

18. University of New Brunswick

19. Brock University

20. Memorial University of Newfoundland

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