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Quebec's "Cocaine Cowgirl" Sentenced To Prison In Australia

One of Quebec’s “Cocaine Cowgirls” have been sentenced to prison in an Australian court. 

Isabelle Lagacé, who became infamous after she and two other Quebec women attempted to smuggle 95 kilograms of cocaine into Australia, will serve 7.5 years in prison, reports CBC

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Lagacé will not be eligible for parole until February 2021. 

“This will haunt me for the rest of my life" said Lagacé. 

André Tamine and Mélina Roberge, the two other Quebecers apprehended at the same time as Lagacé, are set to stand trial in February. 

The trio were on a cruise ship, with the three carrying 95kg of cocaine in their bags. When the ship docked in Sydney, Australia, drug-detecting dogs led authorities to the group’s luggage. 

In total, the cocaine was estimated to be worth $20 million. 

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