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Quebec's Case Count Has Exceeded 26k, But Over 6,000 People Have Recovered

While 2,797 remain under investigation for the virus.
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Quebec's Case Count Has Exceeded 26k, But Over 6,000 People Have Recovered

For the Government of Quebec's daily press conference on April 29, Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault replaced Premier François Legault in announcing the province's case count. As of April 29, there are officially 26,594 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Quebec. The previous day, the province had 25,757 confirmed infections.

Seventy-nine new deaths were announced in the last 24 hours, bringing Quebec's total to 1,761 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Guilbault offered her condolences to the friends and family of these individuals.

Right now, 1,648 individuals in Quebec remain hospitalized due to the virus, with 222 of them being in intensive care.

Quebec has seen 6,048 people recover from the novel coronavirus so far.

In his Facebook post on April 29, Legault shared that "outside of long-term care facilities, we have all managed to flatten the contagion curve. But if we want to keep moving forward, we must not let up in our efforts to distance ourselves."

Officials released a graph that compares the number of deaths per day in Quebec's long-term care facilities to those everywhere else in the province, which demonstrates Quebec being split into "two worlds."

A live feed of the provincial government's press conference of April 29 is available below.

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Guilbault announced that there remains a need for personnel in the province's CHSLDs, which has been an ongoing issue in the past weeks.

There have been 183,222 individuals in Quebec that have tested negative for COVID-19.

And there remain 2,797 cases under investigation at the moment.

Legault announced on April 28 that the industries of manufacturing, civil construction companies, and retail will begin reopening as of May 4 in some parts of the province.

This will not include shopping malls though, as only stores with outside entrances will be allowed to reopen for the time being.

Stores will begin to reopen on May 4, except for those in the Montreal metropolitan area, where they will begin to open on May 11.

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