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Quebec's COVID-19 Case Count Has Now Passed 20k With Over 1,000 Deaths

There were 102 more deaths announced in the past 24 hours.
Quebec's COVID-19 Case Count Has Now Passed 20k With Over 1,000 Deaths

During his daily briefing about the novel coronavirus situation in Quebec, Premier François Legault informed the public that, as of April 21, the province now has 20,126 confirmed infections. The previous day, 19,319 cases were confirmed. There have now been a total of 1,041 deaths related to COVID-19 in Quebec.

This makes 102 new deaths announced in the past 24 hours.

In his Facebook post on April 21, Legault wrote "The deployment of new staff to regain control over the critical situation in several CHSLDs is progressing. That's the emergency right now."

"Outside the CHSLDs, we need time before we are confident that the contagion is sufficiently under control to begin to reopen the economy prudently, with the agreement of Public Health."

He concluded by reminding everyone in Quebec that "we must not give up. We will get through this together."

On April 20, Legault announced that schools would not reopen on May 4, as the public had previously been told. More time is needed before schools can start up again, the Premier said.

Below, you can watch a live feed of the Government of Quebec's press conference on April 21.

During this public briefing, Legault thanked all Quebec farmers for the work they continue to do right now.

On the government's website, we're able to see a breakdown of the COVID-19 case counts in each region of Quebec.

[rebelmouse-image 26885644 photo_credit="Government of Quebec" expand=1 original_size="597x671"] Government of Quebec

The regions with the highest number of infections are Montreal with 9,348 cases, Montérégie with 2,511, Laval with 2,199, Lanaudière with 1,462, and Mauricie-et-Centre-du Québec with 1,015.

Santé Québec's most recent Twitter update tells us that on April 21, 1,224 people remain hospitalized due to the novel coronavirus in the province.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 151,394 individuals have tested negative for COVID-19 in Quebec.

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