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Quebec's First Ever Bacon Festival Is This Weekend

Bacon is always worth a road trip.
Quebec's First Ever Bacon Festival Is This Weekend

I hope you are both not hungry and sitting down, because what i'm about to tell you will make you salivate and then render you unable to concentrate for at least the next 5 minutes.

There is a Bacon Festival going on right now.

You read that right, an entire festival dedicated to delicious bacon, and all things bacon-related.

Think beer fest, but with bacon, the city of Sherbrooke has closed off a street to host the first-ever Festival du Bacon. Over the course of a weekend, numerous kiosks will be serving up bacon in all its glorious forms, including chocolate-covered bacon, bacon gelato, bacon sushi, bacon cocktails and even bacon toothpaste (bacon toothpaste wtf?).

There will also be a stage set up for live music and dancing, if you are even able to move, and basically rounds out what is going to be the greatest weekend in life. This is pigging-out on a whole new level.

When: May 16-17, 2015

Where: City of Sherbrooke

Check out the Festival du Bacon official website and Facebook Page.