Quebec's First-Ever "Hobbit Village" You Gotta Stay At If You Love Lord Of The Rings

Not everyone is a fan of Lord of the Rings. However, despite this fact, everyone in the world seems to be a fan of Hobbit homes.

These tiny microhome-styled huts are built right into the hills, with roofs covered in grass, and of course those iconic round doors and windows.

They are simply adorable.

And now you have a chance to actually live inside a Hobbit House and you won't need to travel to Middle Earth to find one.

A Quebec company called Entre Cimes et Racines offers many different lodging options including a stay in a Hobbit House and they're only located about an hour away from Montreal. The room costs about $135 a night.

This is first ever underground dwelling available for rent in Quebec. It fits up to 4 people and it comes with a dining area, a kitchenette and bedroom with double bunk beds.

They also have other options available such as this tiny two story love nest.

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You can book a stay in the Hobbit House right here.

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