Quebec's First Ever Medical Marijuana Grow-Op To Be Set Up By Montreal Company

Photo cred - The Windsor Star

Potton, a region of Quebec's Eastern Townships, may be a lot of green next year, in more than one way, as Montreal-based company Bhango Horticulture is looking to open up a large-scale marijuana growing centre in the area, reports CBC.

Having just bought some property in Sotton, which is only a kilometre from the American border, Bhango Horticulture is looking to set up a 20, 000 square-foot greenhouse which will cost about $3 million, to be built next September.

Surprisingly, the locals are totally on-board with the grow-op project. Louis Veillon, Potton's mayor has no qualms with the idea, and hopes the grow-op will create jobs and boost the economy of the small town.

The only real obstacle is Health Canada, as Bhango Horticulture must meet the requirements outlined by the government before gaining a license to legally grow weed. Bhango will need to ensure the facility will be secure, and also prove that their cannabis is up to snuff/meets the standards set out by Health Canada. Whoever has that government job is the luckiest gal or guy in the country.

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