Quebec's First Snow Will Be Here Sooner Than Expected

First snowflakes are in sight.
Quebec's First Snow Will Be Here Sooner Than Expected

We first wrote about the 2018 fall forecast from The Weather Network, and all the "crazy weather" we were about to experience, I must say, I was pretty skeptical of the weather predictions myself.

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In short, the fall predictions we're claiming that despite the trend of the past few years, temperatures this September and October would be colder and overall more seasonal. 

Guess I was in denial but turns out - they were right.

Despite that one blazing humid very bizarre 29 degrees day, it's been a cold October. I've already taken all my big fuzzy sweaters out of storage.

That being said, looks like the average and below average temperatures will continue throughout the weekend and the rest of October.  

More importantly, the first snow in Quebec is on its way.

This weekend Quebec is forecast to experience particularly icy temperatures, tuque-ready lows of 2 degrees will be felt in most intensely in the following regions:

  • Beauce                               
  • Drummondville - Bois-Francs                                    
  • Lanaudière                                       
  • Mauricie                                            
  • Québec                                              
  • Restigouche - Bonaventure    

According to a report by TVA, certain regions of Quebec will see their first snow this weekend due to the freezing temperatures. Namely, the north Saint Lawrence, north of the Saguenay and in the Gaspé Peninsula.

Here is a screenshot of the weather forecast from The Weather Network for the next 5-days in the Saguenay region.

Via theweathernetwork

Although Montreal is not forecast to be getting snow just yet, this weekend will definitely be a cold one with tempratures reaching their lowest 3 degrees Saturday overnight. So make sure to dress accordingly.


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