Quebec's Health Insurance Board Forces Montreal Woman To Stop Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer patient caught between a rock and a hard place.
Quebec's Health Insurance Board Forces Montreal Woman To Stop Cancer Treatment

A Montreal mother of two finds herself in that unfortunate position where neither the government nor the private sector will provide the assistance required to save her from a deadly disease.

Clarisse Baruc, a breast cancer patient, had originally been reimbursed by RAMQ for her hormone therapy treatment.

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But, after finding out that she is covered by her husband's private insurance plan, the Régie sent her a letter asking her to pay back the $9400 they had spent on her treatment.

However, her husband's insurer has refused to cover the family, because he works less than 30 hours a week.

She felt a lump in her left breast while breastfeeding. Not soon after, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

To make matters worse, the situation worsened after five months of chemotherapy. The cancer spread to the right breast, bones, and possibly the liver.

As a result, she was prescribed hormone therapy, a treatment that is not covered by the RAMQ.

She had to stop her treatment for almost three weeks.

In the meantime, to continue to provide her with medication, her doctor has reached an agreement with the Pfizer programme and a pharmacy.

However, this agreement only lasts 21 days, after which it is uncertain whether she will have any medications.

Her friends have created an online fundraiser that hopes to raise enough money to repay the $9400 she owes RAMQ.