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Quebec's "Hidden" Tuition Increase No One Told You About

Students set to pay hundreds more.
Quebec's "Hidden" Tuition Increase No One Told You About

Quebec's "Maple Spring," the clever name given to the 2012 student protests, supposedly ended with the PQ's election and their promise to halt any tuition increases.

Two years later, Quebec tuition has increased, just not in an obvious way.

Dubbed the PQ's "hidden" tuition increase by the Gazette, the increase is actually just a reduced tax credit for tuition which is being applied for the first time this year.

With the reduced tax credit in effect, students will be paying $266 more for tuition this year, an amount almost on par to the tuition increase the Liberal government proposed to enforce.

Before anyone gets up in arms or starts the PQ-hate train, the reduced tax credit was actually the idea of Quebec's major student associations. Proposed at last year's Summit on Higher Education, the idea was to remove the tax credit in favour of financial aid.

People are only starting to wake up to this “hidden increase” as they begin filing their taxes for this year. Before the reduction, the 20% tax credit would have been $444.80, and is now set at 8% or $177.92. I can see why people noticed, and are getting a little irked.

Are you pissed about paying more for tuition?

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