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Quebec's Largest Campground Is Opening A Giant Water Theme Park

Fun, under the sea!
Quebec's Largest Campground Is Opening A Giant Water Theme Park

Well, pretty soon it will be summer and all the kids will be out of school, running around Montreal parks and events. 

Montreal is home to lots of incredible summer activities - the sheer fact that we have La Ronde right in the city is pretty fantastic. When I was young, I had always dreamed of having a local theme park, but alas, my hometown is pretty is small. 

Luckily for Montrealers, though, there is far more than La Ronde just on the outskirts of town or not too long of a drive away. 

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In fact, the largest campground in Quebec is about an hour north of Montreal, and in it, you can find a pretty amazing water park, too. 

@complexe.atlantideembedded via  

Complexe Atlantis is set to open up this month. The massive water park is to multiple water slides, most of which are kid-friendly, but the park heard all the older kids out there and added two bigger, much faster slides last summer! 

The Saint-Calixte campsite is home to so much more than a water park. This is a full-on family destination!

Via Complexe Atlantide

They've got a petting zoo, tons of restaurants, a haunted house to tour and even a magic, "underwater" castle! There is fun for the whole family, and of course, kids will absolutely love it!

The best part is you can make a whole weekend or extended vacation out of this, as the campground is dispersed throughout the park and its attractions. Check out the map! 

Via Complexe Atlantide

There is also an outdoor stage that will host live performances all summer long, and you can find a schedule (once its updated) for whats happening right here.

Camping and theme park ticket rates will vary, it all depends on how many people are in your party and whether you want to take advantage of the full Atlantis experience, or just do a few of the many things this campsite has to offer. 

You can get the full experience of the park, with camping, for $195-$234 per day. 

Complexe Atlantide will open to the public in just a couple weeks on June 22nd! 

You can find more details on Complexe Atlantide and grab yourself some passes right here. 

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