Quebec's Largest Outdoor "Vintage Market" Is Opening Soon

Although there are plenty of things to during spring and summer in Montreal, do you ever find yourself twiddling your thumbs and itching for something new to see?  Well, you don't have to look much further than 30 or so minutes outside the islands. 

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The suburbs and boroughs surrounding Montreal are full of unique and interesting sights, natural wonders, and new experiences waiting to be discovered. For those who love hunting for treasure, you will know that during the warmer months it's prime time for antiquing around the Quebec Region.

Finnegan's Market in Hudson is one of the biggest outdoor antique markets, that offers a lot more than rustic yet trendy-looking antique pieces.

This market which is set to open the first weekend of May has a typical flea-market style vibe with vendors selling everything from jewelry, to organic local veggies,  ice cream, and flowers. 

The best part is Hudson is absolutely beautiful. And is the perfect spot to go for a long slow weekend drive.

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For more info see their official Facebook page, here!