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Quebec's Maple Syrup Robbery To Be A Hollywood Film

Quebec`s liquid gold will be more famous then ever.
Quebec's Maple Syrup Robbery To Be A Hollywood Film

Last year's colossal $18 million maple syrup heist from the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve in Saint- Louis- de Blandford, just two hours away from Montreal is set to make up the story line of another Hollywood movie.

If you missed out on the news, last summer nearly 6 million pounds of grade A maple syrup had vanished.

The maple syrup robbery led to the arrest of nearly 24 thieves, with its final suspect caught just 10 days ago.

Sony Pictures plans to create a film based on the burglary, which will include How I met Your Mother's comic actor, Jason Segel.

The film's director, Seth Gordon will work along side the brilliant Family Guy writer, Chris Sheridan. The movie is rumored to be a comedy, with dramatic undertones.

Word on the film's cast and setting is still under the radar, but we're sure that as long as we get to see Jason Segel put on a Quebecois accent, it'll be a must see.