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Quebec's Mont Tremblant Village Will Be Transformed Into A Magical Winter Kingdom This Holiday Season

Mont Tremblant is undoubtedly one of the most unique and beautiful resort towns in Quebec.

TL;DR Mont Tremblant will be transforming into a winter land of celebration throughout the months of December and early January. The resort will host multiple winter events, most notably the "Winter Wonderland" event, where Tremblant village will transformed "into a breathtaking kingdom of ice and snow." The event will be held from December 28th until January 2nd.

The Tremblant experience combines perfectly the comforts and the luxuries of a city, such as fine dinning, spas, and even a casino, with the beauty and relaxing energy of nature and the great outdoors. And the skiing is amazing too!

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It's no wonder people fly from everywhere to spend time at this world-class resort.

The winter is particularly a great time to visit Mont Tremblant. The natural setting and stunning mountains that surround the park give it an instant winter wonderland feeling. The park's charming design is also perhaps most magical during the snowy season.

To make things even better, Mont Tremblant will transform into a winter land of celebration complete with multiple fun events throughout the months of December and January.

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One in particular is worth checking out!

They are calling it "Winter Wonderland," and the Facebook event page describes it as a transformation "into a breathtaking kingdom of ice and snow."

This event will be going down from December 28th to January 2nd. And will include a massive New Year's Eve celebration too!

Check out the full line-up of winter events at Mont Tremblant HERE!

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