Quebec's “Mountain Road” Hiking Route Is The Most Incredible Natural Hidden Gem In Canada

121 kms of mountains, rivers, forests and wildlife!
Quebec's “Mountain Road” Hiking Route Is The Most Incredible Natural Hidden Gem In Canada

Quebec has some of the most amazing natural landscapes in the entire country. From breathtaking mountains to the incredible ocean views, taking the time to travel through the province is an experience you'll never find anywhere else. 

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Most of the places you've been recommended to visit are pretty popular "tourist-traps" that you've seen photos of online over a thousand times, it's almost as if you've been there before since you know so much about it. Luckily, since Quebec is so big there are quite a few hidden gems left that you need to explore immediately.

One of those places is Mountain Road, a 121km hiking route that gives you the opportunity to escape your everyday life and witness the unbelievable Laurentians, snow-capped mountains and completely untouched nature. You could even say there's no other place like this in the world.

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If hiking isn't your thing, not to worry. You also have the opportunity to explore the quaint, old-fashioned villages of Saint-Urbain, Notre-Dame-des-Monts and Saint-Amié-des-Lacs for some amazing traditonal eats and history on the route.

During the Summer the entire land is yours to hike, swim, camp at and explore. There are two National parks along Mountain Road that are definitely worth stopping to check out. Both offer different types of scenery and activities, so no matter what you enjoy doing most on your travels you'll definitely have an easy time finding it at both parks.

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Mountain Road is the type of route you'd want to travel to discover what Quebec's land is seriously made of, and it's the perfect expedition if you've already been to the more "famous" parks in the province. There is no better place to spend the last few weeks of Summer than discovering this enormous secret route.

For more information on Mountain Road and it's incredible activities, click HERE. 


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