Quebec's Online Marijuana Store Has Already Sold Out Of Some Products

Suppliers definitely were not ready for today.
Quebec's Online Marijuana Store Has Already Sold Out Of Some Products

It was only a few hours ago that Canada made cannabis legal to carry, purchase, and use across the country.

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TL;DR With Quebec's governemnt-run online cannabis store officially opening this morning, it's a bit of a shock to discover some products are already sold out. Product most likely won't be re-stocked for quite a while as suppliers were not prepared for the demand today, so anyone interested in purhcasing marijuana products should do so ASAP.

It's been up to each province to decide how they would be rolling out methods of purchase, with some opening up physical locations and others sticking to online shopping for now.

As for Quebec, we're lucky enough that both an online store and 12 actual locations across the country are officially open for business.

You'd think that suppliers and producers of the substance would take into consideration how much demand the province would have (especially in the first few hours of legalization) and therefore provide enough product to last at least a little while.


Well, believe or not, some product on the SQDC website is already completely sold out.

It seems like the government may have not expected such a surge in marijuana-users come legalization day, but seriously... it hasn't even been a full day yet!

As of right now, dried flower seems to be the most popular for buyers in the province, as one product that came in sizes in 1g, 3.5g and 15g is sold out until further notice.

Even on the official website you'll notice how slow the servers are, most likely due to all of the Quebecers who have been waiting for the ability to purchase online for ages.

Some predict that the website might even crash before the day is over.

You're probably wondering when all of the sold out products will be back in store. Well, we shouldn't expect it anytime soon.

If you want first pick of what's available in the provincial stores, you'll want to start shopping ASAP.

Visit the official SQDC website HERE.

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