Quebec's Politicians Won't Stop Sexually Harassing Each Other

A majority of female Quebec politicians have been subjected to inappropriate sexual behaviour while carrying out their duties.

Surveys and interviews were conducted, involving 24 of the 37 women serving in the national assembly.

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Nearly two-thirds of participants (63%) said they'd experienced one or more forms of sexual misconduct on the job.

They reported numerous forms of inappropriate behaviour, including groping, derogatory remarks of a sexual nature, comments on their physical appearance, intimidation, exhibitionism, inappropriate gestures, and assault.

Many of them had to put up with comments on their physical appearance, while exercising their parliamentary functions.

Liberal MNA Karine Vallières said that a speaker who came to present a brief during a legislature committee made remarks about her body and said that she had a pretty face.

The extent of the problem appears to be serious.

Two women said that they were subjected to sexual harassment while doing their job, while one said she experienced "intimidation with physical force" from a member of another political party.

12% of respondents said they'd experienced misconduct from colleagues within their party, while 17% pointed fingers at opposition party members.

The survey included 30 questions focusing on sexual harassment and the place of women in politics.