Quebec's Secret Treehouse Cottage You Would Probably Pay Anything To Spend Just One Night In

Photo cred - Alain Laforest

A Canadian architecture firm called Atelier Pierre Thibault built a magnificent treehouse style cabin in a clearing near lake Heron in the Laurentians. Tje house was featured in an Dezeen article. The house uses a set of stilts to rise above the hillside giving the owners a magnificent view above the surrounding trees.

The house seems to be floating above a very steep hill in order to integrate it with its surroundings while providing the best possible view of the lake. In fact, you can barely see the house from the lake because it is partially covered by the trees. The entire roof of the house is a massive terrace which inspired the same of the project: Le Grand Plateau. The terrace itself featured a glass wall lounge in the center so that the owners can have a covered place to relax and it also features a large bridge connects the terrace to the ground

The house also has a second lower outdoor lounge that has a wood burning stove for cooking and entertaining. The entire living space is a open-plan area with windows spanning from the floor to the ceiling to provide optimal views of the surrounding area.

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