Quebec's Spring 2019 Weather Forecast Has Been Revealed

Finally, a little hope!
Quebec's Spring 2019 Weather Forecast Has Been Revealed

Météo Média releases a quarterly report of predictions for the upcoming season. Their predictions for spring 2019 are officially here, and they're like a ray of sunshine on this gloomy day. After a winter of yo-yoing weather extremes, that went from slush to ice in an instant, winter is finally coming to an end.

TL;DR Météo Média predicts that winter will go out with a bang, but that the transition into spring will be easier than it was last year. Spring should start in mid-march, so grab your winter gear and get that skiing/snowshoeing/ice skating in while you still can!

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Winter has not gone easy on us, and its presence will be felt until the very end. Average temperatures are expected in the south of Quebec in areas like Montreal, while Quebec city as well as the southern and northern part of the province will experience temperatures below what we are used to.

Concretely, experts believe we should be entering the spring season in mid-March. That's only two weeks away! 

While variations in weather are expected this spring (a pretty normal phenomenon in Quebec: we are used to going from snow to sun in the period of a few hours), the ups-and-downs are expected to be mild.

Météo Média predicts that there will be no weather extremes, wether warm or cold. Just a nice, smooth spring that will eventually turn into summer. "We will be able to enjoy many beautiful, sunny days, intermixed with abundant precipitations,"  they state.

Let's hope that this means there will be no snowstorms in late April...

There will, however, be lots of rain. Météo Média is warning that people should be wary of spring floods because of how much snow and ice covered the province this winter.

Let's focus on the positive, though. These are the predictions for temperature highs between March 1 to May 31:

  • Gatineau : -2 °C à 21 °C
  • Montréal : -1 °C à 21 °C
  • Sherbrooke : -1 °C à 21 °C
  • Val-d’Or : -5 °C à 19 °C
  • Québec : -3 °C à 20 °C
  • Saguenay : -5 °C à 19 °C
  • Sept-Îles : -4 °C à 13 °C
  • Gaspé : -2 °C à 17 °C

I cannot wait to finally get some sun!


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