Quebec's SQDC Stores Are Killing Every Business Located Next To Them

The strong odour of marijuana is constantly invading surrounding stores.
Quebec's SQDC Stores Are Killing Every Business Located Next To Them

The SQDC has been around for a few weeks now, meaning everyone has been able to settle in a bit with the idea of legal marijuana stores across the province, including the buisnesses next door.. 

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TL;DR Since SQDC stores set up shop last month, surrounding businesses have called them the horrible neighbours. Below are detailed reasons of how the legal cannabis stores are ruining other establishments.

Typically when a new neighbour moves in you give them a couple weeks to settle before raising concerns. Maybe they're a bit too loud, or if you own a store they may disrupt your customers a bit. But what if one of the problems is that they're constantly sending the strong, unmistakeable odour of weed through your doors?

This can be a pretty big dilemma.

Business owners across the province that have been unlucky enough to be situated next to the SQDC have confirmed that the new stores are absolutely horrible neighbours.

One poor store owner has had quite a few people enter their establishment asking if they could buy marijuana there. On top of that, the massive lines the SQDC attracts on a daily basis leave surrounding stores subject to the ensuing chaos. They lose customers due to the insane foot traffic. The new government-run stores have become an absolute nuisance.

The list of complaints goes on to include SQDC shoppers running into nearby stores just to use the washroom as well as taking up all of the available parking spaces at all hours of the day. But the most un-neighbourly attribute the SQDC has brought along has got to be the unbelievably strong odour of marijuana that has seeped into shops next door.

The smell of cannabis in nearby establishments can make customers feel uncomfortable and even lead to a drop in sales. The strong smell seems to come not only from the store itself, but also from eager customers who light up while waiting in the super long line to enter the SQDC. 

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Luckily, the SQDC will now be closed most of the week due to lack of product. This could mean that neighbouring stores will return to their regular productivity, at least for a good portion of the week. 

The question still remains, will the SQDC ever be a welcome addition to Quebec's commercial neighbourhoods? The answer is no, definitely not.

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