Quebec's Summer Poutine Festival Begins In August 2014

Poutine is always worth a road trip.

Photo cred - _noemie_st

Poutine is such a staple in all aspects in Montreal, it seems strange there isn't a summer festival celebrating the cheese-fry-gravy trinity. I mean, we have a cat film fest, why not a poutine festival? Thankfully, one town just a ways away from Montreal had the good sense to create a legit Poutine Festival, now in its 7th year.

The 7th annual Poutine Festival will run from August 21st to 23rd and will include three nights of concerts, with over 10 different musical acts, and 10 different poutine vendors. Much-loved Montreal poutine restos like Lucky's and Pied de Cochon will be in attendance, as will a bunch from all around Quebec, making the festival the perfect chance to expand your poutine horizons.

Officially deemed the Festival de la poutine de Drummondville, the poutine-party will take place in Drummondville (obvi) which is about and hour and twenty minutes from Montreal (map). Not the closest, but for the love of poutine, you know you're willing to make the trip.

Poutine Fest isn't  free, but you can get a three day festival pass for only $25 until August 14th. After that one day tickets will be $20, so if you're into tunes and poutine (who isn't) I'd get on nabbing your tickets before the end of the month.

To get tickets and all info on the official Poutine Festival, head over to the official website and FB event page.

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