Quebec's Top 10 Most Popular Google Searches

Don't act like you've never searched for Golden Showers before.
Quebec's Top 10 Most Popular Google Searches

When someone starts typing words into your Google search bar, you experience a sudden jolt of fear. "What if they search something that starts with 's' and 'o' only for 'sodomy with farm animals' to pop-up underneath!?" Don't act like its never happened to you before (okay, maybe not with Old McDonald-style sodomy, but hey, I was curious) but let's be honest, we all search some pretty muff'd up things on Google.

Fortunately, the entire province is in the same boat.Vice took it upon themselves to use the Google Trends app, which compiled the most-searched topics in a given area, on all of Canada, in order to breakdown the viewing trends of every province. Quebec's top ten searches were a little surprising in some aspects, and in others not so much. All in all, these Google searches made us love Quebec even more.

You've probably added to these figures yourself at one point, but to know you're not alone in searching some sketchy stuff, here are Quebec's top ten Google searches:

1. Poutine (no surprise there)

2. Limp Bizkit (because we're apparently stuck in the 90s)

3. Golden Shower (lets be real, who hasn't at searched this at one point?)

4. Hallucination (good to know I'm not the only one seeing the pink elephant)

5. Mafia (it's just so relevant...always)

6. Fail Compilation (other people's misery, the best part of the 'net)

7. Jogging (to keep it a little wholesome)

8. Masturbation (and back to the good stuff)

9. Deep Web (the unseen aspect of the 'net. Wiki will tell you more)

10. Prison (probably joined with number 3 + 8)

Do any of these sound familiar? No judgement, apparently the entire province is searching about poutine and sex-peeing, so you're just part of the majority. God only knows that a Montreal analysis of Google searches would bring about...which gives us an idea.

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