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Quebec's Woodstock En Beauce 2017 Lineup Finally Revealed

One of the province's biggest outdoor summer music festivals.
Quebec's Woodstock En Beauce 2017 Lineup Finally Revealed

Alright, if you're from Quebec, then chances are you know all about Woodstock En Beauce.

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If not, then let me tell you something: it is seriously, seriously fun.

via @woodstockenbeauce

Meant to recreate the whole Woodstock experience, except in Quebec, Woodstock En Beauce has been a hugely successful outdoor music festival - and this year, it's back to bless all our lives.

via @woodstockenbeauce

Going down June 28 - July 2 in Saint-Ephrem-de-Beauce, Quebec, this year's lineup includes:

Kevin Parent & Michel Pagliaro


Alaclair Ensemble

Angel Forrest

Rick Hugues

Orloge Simard

Twin Brothers

TBH, it sounds like it'll be the most fun time ever. Tickets start at $30, and go on presale agt 6:00PM on March 22.

via @woodstockenbeauce

For more information on Woodstock En Beauce, and to get your tickets, check out their official website.

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