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Quebec's Youngest"Cocaine Cowgirl" Has Been Sentenced To Prison

Did she really deserve that long?
Quebec's Youngest"Cocaine Cowgirl" Has Been Sentenced To Prison

I'm sure you've heard about the "cocaine cowgirls" who got caught smuggling tons of cocaine into Australia. Well, after the first woman, Isabelle Lagacé was sentenced 5 months ago, her accomplice Melina Roberge just received her punishment.

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Roberge will serve a minimum of four years and nine months; her earliest possible release date is in May 2021. However, her full sentence is of 8 years. That means she'll be in her thirties when she gets out. That's not how I would want to spend my twenties. 

Melina Roberge was going to earn about $100,000 from the $21 million cocaine plot. She was recruited by a "sugar daddy" who got interested in her after learning about her experience as an escort in Morocco. Either way, he apparently asked her to come on the ship last minute.

Isabelle Lagace, and Melina Roberge were arrested in August 2016 when the MS Sea Princess was raided by Australian Border officials. They were given first class cruise tickets worth $20,000. Andre Tamine, 67, was also caught and he will receive his sentencing later this year.

She is actually only 24 years old, which makes her the youngest of the Canadian women who were caught trying to import 95 kg of cocaine into Australia on a luxury cruise. The ship stopped in Bermuda, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Tahiti before arriving in Sydney. That sounds like a pretty nice vacation if you ask me.

Apparently, her sentencing wasn't as bad as it could've been. Because of her early plea and her apparent sense of deep remorse, she wasn't charged further. She even apologized to the people of Australia because she realized that what she was doing was likely feeding addictions and causing more problems. 

For some reason, Judge Traill even saw fit to bash her Instagram and the entire generation that uses it. However, Roberge was actually encouraged to use Instagram so she would get tons of likes and act as a decoy.

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