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Queer Eye Finally Addresses Plagiarism Accusations

The promo videos looked suspiciously similar to Canadian Instagram star Donté Colley's videos.
Queer Eye Finally Addresses Plagiarism Accusations

Queer Eye is back and we are super excited. The wholesome show inspires us all to be our best, most authentic selves. But the return of the Netflix Original for a third season was not without controversy.

Many were pointing out that the promo video looked suspiciously like the videos of a popular Canadian Instagram user Donté Colley.

The resemblance was first pointed out by Instagram users on the Queer Eye Instagram account, as well as on the Fab Five's personal Instagrams. The show's Instagram account has since updated their caption to give credit to Colley.

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TL;DR Queer Eye has updated their Instagram video to include a nod to Donté Colley, an Instagram star well-known for his upbeat dance videos. Fans accused the beloved Netflix show of plagiarising Colley.

For comparison, here is one of Donté Colley's videos:

Colley is known for his upbeat dance videos, heavily edited with fun emojis, which have been spread across the Internet due to their motivational and positive messages.

The Queer Eye trailer features the Fab Five dancing to upbeat music and swirling emojis around.

Here this is the Queer Eye trailer:

People were quick to notice the similarities between the Torontonian dancer and the Queer Eye promo video.

Fans commented on the promo, both the one posted to the Queer Eye Instagram and the ones on Tan, Jonathan, Bobbi, Karamo and Antoni's accounts. "@donte.colley deserves all the credit for these videos! Total rip. Queer Eye - this is really disappointing," says one user.

Other fans are echoing this sentiment, posting comments like "How about you give @donte.colley his credit and stop acting like this was originally your idea 🙄🙄" and "no cred for @donte.colley even though this is blatant plagiarism? 👌🏽 🆗."

The videos are indeed suspiciously similar, though this style of the video has been around for longer even than Donté Colley.

Videos likethis one and this one gained popularity in 2017 before Colley was using this editing style.

@queereyeembedded via  

In any case, the Queer Eye Instagram account updated their caption to appease fans. The captions now read: "Are you ready to LOVE YOURS3LF? 💕 Grab your nearest box of tissues 🤧 because #QueerEye3 is now streaming. And a shamazing shoutout to @donte.colley for his motivational inspiration.🙌✨🌈

They acknowledge their source of inspiration as Donté Colley. The Fab Five have not updated the caption on their videos.

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