Racist Fashion Shoot Creates Uproar

Fashion statements on a whole new level.
Racist Fashion Shoot Creates Uproar

We often tend to see a lot of pressure from the fashion industry, influencing women to lose weight, and look a certain way. Racism, however, has never really been an issue. Recently, Russian editor Miroslava Duma published a new online magazine, titled "Buro 24/7".

The new magazine featured a photo of Russian editor- in- chief, Dasha Zhukova sitting peacefully on a bench that is held up by a half naked black woman. Essentially, the image showcases Zhukova, sitting tall on top of a colored women.

After receiving hate mail, Duma quickly removed the photo from her Instagram and cropped the colored woman out of the shot in Bruno 24/7. 'This is incredibly racist,' Organizing for Women's Liberation wrote in their tweet on Monday.

Here's how the original shot appeared in Bruno 24/7:

Later, Duma posted an apology on Instagram:

What do you think about Bruno 24/7's photo?

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