Rainbow Donuts Actually Exist And They Look Magical

The most wonderful thing you'll ever put in your mouth.
Rainbow Donuts Actually Exist And They Look Magical

Stop what you're doing!

Spit out that stupid regular old 1 color donut because something better has just arrived.

How much better? Well considering this donut has 7 colors I'd say it's about 7 times better than a regular donut.(Yay, math!)

A few weeks everyone was freaking out about rainbow bagels. Which I didn't quite understand because to me, multicolored things are meant to be sweet. It's like an unwritten rule or something. And bagel aren't supposed to be sweet.

But now the true rainbow pastry has arrived. One that will make you feel like you're eating a cartoon donut from The Simpsons or a donut made of delicious candy play d'oh. I'm taking about The Rainbow Donuts.


If you're not willing to make them yourself then you'll have to travel a little while to get them.

First rainbow bagel now rainbow doughnut ???Credit: @euparkus

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Or you can watch this very informative video to find out how to make them at home.

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