Rainbow Jello Shots Are What You Will 100% Want To Eat This Summer

There is no way you won't enjoy these.
Rainbow Jello Shots Are What You Will 100% Want To Eat This Summer

It's a sad fact knowing there are not many appropriate times to take jello shots. These delicious alcoholic treats are normally saved for rowdy high schoolers and bachelorette parties. However, if you're going to take the plunge and make them anyway, you have to do it with style.

This Pinterest perfect rainbow jello shot recipe is too good to be true! It's perfect for those day drinking BBQ's you know you'll be attending this Summer 2015. And lucky for you this is only a four ingredient process.

You'll need.

- Different Coloured Jello

- Hot Water

- Tequila

- Orange Slices

*All of the measurements are based on how many colours you use

Boil water in a sauce pan. Separate Jello colours into different bowls. Pour the water evenly among each colour. Mix in a cup of tequila evenly among each bowl.

Photo cred - Table Spoon

Halve and scoop out orange slices. Pour the jello into each half. Place them on a tray and let them chill for 4 hours.

Remove the halves from the fridge. Slice the pieces with a sharp knife into quarters.

And there you have it! The perfect way to get your drink on in a fun delicious fashion. Enjoy!

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