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Ramen + Grilled Cheese = The Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Cheese makes everything better, fact.
Ramen + Grilled Cheese = The Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich

We're all well aware that ramen noodles are a superior substitute for bread (you have eaten the Ramen Burger, right?) so the fact that more bread-based delectable haven't been recreated with ramen is just plain silly. Thankfully, someone had the simple, yet glorious, idea to combine ramen with the most classic of childhood sammiches with the Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

To prepare, you just need to do a 'lil more prep work to make the ramen noodle bun. Cook your noodles as per recipe instructions (maybe more al dente than usual) then mix with an egg and a bit of parmesan. Let it sit in a load pan or cutting board for while, until it sets and cools, and you'll have your ramen-bread ready to be grilled cheese-ified.

Cut your ramen-bread into squares, slap 'em onto a heated pan, pour on the cheese, bacon, kimchi, or whatever else you like, and pan-fry until you reach grilled cheese perfection. Cheese and ramen may sound weird, but given these deliciously sexy photos, we already have tonight's drunchies.

Get raving for the Ramen Grilled Cheese through the photos below.

Will you be eating the Ramen Grilled Cheese this weekend?

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