2 Quebec Universities Ranked In The Top 10 Best Medical Schools In Canada

The University of Toronto took the top spot.
Ranking Of Best Medical Schools In Canada Includes 2 Quebec Universities

Doctors, and all health care personnel, are at the forefront of this world health crisis. And since last week, in Quebec, medical graduates have been lending a hand to overwhelmed medical institutions. A new ranking from University Magazine suggests they're well prepared for the task. Two local universities are among the best medical schools in Canada

Coming in second and fifth place, respectively, McGill University and the Université de Montréal are the only Quebec schools to crack the national top 10.

McGill lost out to the University of Toronto for the top spot.

The University Magazine list is based on data from the QS World University Rankings.

To compile its comprehensive annual ranking, one of the most popular in the world for comparing institutions of higher learning, the organization focuses on six criteria.

These are: academic reputation, the reputation of the university as an employer, the amount of research cited per faculty, the ratio of professors to students, the ratio of international professors, and the ratio of international students.

Quebec has four medical schools. McGill, second in Canada, requires an R rating of 3.8 to enter and its tuition is approximately $27,000.

For the Université de Montréal, fifth in the top 10, the required R rating is 3.5 and tuition is approximately $22,400.

The University of British Columbia (3), McMaster University (4), the University of Alberta (6), the University of Calgary (7), the University of Ottawa (8), Queen's University (9), and Western University (10) round out the top spots on the University Magazine list.

The ranking comes at a critical moment.

Doctors and nurses are working long hours, reusing materials, and endangering themselves to care for others.

But people across Montreal are right there to cheer them on with parades, song, light shows, and ringing bells.

Stay tuned for more news.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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