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Rare Loonie Worth $5,000,000 Stolen

The heist was almost too easy.
Rare Loonie Worth $5,000,000 Stolen

Here's something you don't hear everyday.  

Apparently, some very strong thieves have managed to steal a rare 100 kg gold loonie this week. 

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The Canadian coin called the 'The Big Maple Leaf' is a giant coin that was minted in 2007 and according to the current price of gold, it could be worth up to 5 Million Dollars!

The thieves stole the coin from the Bode Museum in Berlin where the it was being displayed since 2010, and now police are asking the public to report anyone who is offering to sell a large quantity of gold.

Apparently the thieves used a ladder and wheelbarrow to get the coin out of the museum. Super high tech, right?

When the coin was first minted in 2007, it was certified by Guinness World Records to be the world's largest gold coin. 

And if you're wondering why the hell we would ever make a coin that big, here's what the royal Canadian mint had to say: 

"Why did the Royal Canadian Mint make the world's purest and largest gold bullion coin? Because we can."


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