Rats Are Running At People Outside Of Montreal's Papineau Metro Station Park

The weather is making the animals crazy.
Rats Are Running At People Outside Of Montreal's Papineau Metro Station Park

If you're the kind of person who hates rodents, you might want to stay away from the Papineau Metro station and the nearby park.

Consider this a public service announcement from a Montrealer who let us know about this incident that happened to them on Tuesday night: As he was leaving the grocery store near the metro station, he walked passed the nearby park, when suddenly he heard something scurrying behind him.

He stopped for second to look around and that's when he felt something brushing along the back of his foot.

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When he turned around, he saw a big grey rat staring at him. The rat didn't even seem to care he was there, because he kept running towards him aggressively.

After a few moments, the rat ran into a tiny tunnel that was dug into the snow pile. Upon further inspection, he could see a half a dozen more tunnels dug all over the piles.

Since rats don't typically live in piles of snow, we decided to do a little investigating.

It turns out that rats will actually dig burrows through dirt and even snow when the weather gets too cold. It's likely that these tunnels lead directly inside the metro or at the very least to nearby heat source. In order to survive the harsh winter, rats will huddle together in these tunnels or burrows. So if you see one rat, there are probably many others lurking in the shadows.

The rats aren't the only animals affected by the cold weather. A fox and a wolf were also spotted walking around in Montreal this week.

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