Located on one of the most pristine streets in Westmount, this dream home has everything you will need to have the most exclusive happy hours this city has ever seen. And, for a little under five and a half million dollars, this piece of Montreal real estate can be all yours. If you have the funds to afford a property of this magnitude, of course.

This picturesque property has six-bedrooms, 4-bathrooms, and 1 half bath. There's even an elevator within the home, which makes walking up and down stairs seem so "last year."

This home houses a state of the art kitchen, sleek mouldings, breathtaking art, and high-end furniture. Basically, you'd be surrounded by the best of the best.

A dream home, to say the least.

There's a breathtaking stone fireplace in the second level family room.

And, of course, lavish walk-in closets. Not to mention an amazing study area and gym that add to the allure of this property.

Plus, it's terrasse is simply out of this world. The perfect spot to have a little 5 à 7 party.

It isn't the property's size that is what's most impressive, either.

Designed to perfection by the talented Philip Hazan, this mega-mansion is tucked behind a wrought-iron gate, giving whoever buys this property a lot of privacy, which we all love.

The magnificent landscaping compliments the UV treated pool and hot tub perfectly.

And, I must say, the stunning grounds of this home are truly impressive, which the perfectly landscaped gardens.

The outdoor space is truly caught my eye. The impeccable landscaped is decorated in hedges that ensure complete privacy.


And, of course, the breathtaking terrasse found in the backyard will make any other happy hour at any Montreal restaurant seem unimportant.

This Montreal mansion is truly #goals.

And although I'll most likely never be able to afford a grandiose home like this, a girl can still dream.

You can check the full listing out here!

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