Real Talk News: A Gas Pipe Burst On St. Cats, And It's The Third One This Week!

Sainte-Catherine, between Peel and Stanley, has been reopened after a gas line broke early this morning.

The repair was speedy, so there's that, but Audrey Giguère, spokesperson for Gaz Métro, told the Gazette that it hasn't been confirmed whether the gas line broke because of a specific person's actions, or the line broke because it was faulty.

Is that supposed to make anyone feel better? Oh, it could have been some guys fault, or it could be the pipe was just really old and ready to burst. How comforting.

Today's gas leak comes right off the heels of two others on Thursday. Gas leaks sprung on Saint-François-Xavier Street and in Place-Ville Marie, both of which caused mass evacuations. Actual causes were given for these incidents, the former being damage to the pipe from excavation, the latter an issue with the building's natural gas regulator.

Okay, cool, real reasons were given for 2/3 gas leaks, but gas leaks are the kind of thing that shouldn't be happening at all, let alone three in 2 days. Hopefully just a few bad coincidences, I just don't want to be seeing small fairy creatures swirling around my head the next time I'm walking around downtown because a gas pipe burst and I'm breathing in all those fumes.

Maybe that doesn't sound so bad, if there wasn't more than a few health risks involved.  Let's keep those pipes locked down.