Real Talk News: Montreal, Stop Putting Students In Hotels And Put Actual Tourists

Downtown Montreal's Holiday Inn, the largest in Quebec, has been sold off to become a new student residence. Come April, the 488 room hotel will no longer host visiting tourists, and 60 hotel workers will lose their job (more here). Great for students, bad for Montreal workers and the hospitality industry.

  • Selling hotels to become student residences has become a trend in Montreal.

Two other hotels have found the same fate (Hotel Quality Inn + Delta Centre-Ville Hotel), with several others (Hotel du Fort, Maritime Plaza, Hotel de la Montagne) being shut down with no future purpose. Loews Le Concorde Hotel is being converted to an old folks home, which spells bad times for any nearby students who will definitely get noise complaints.

  • In total, 6 hotels have been closed since 2012, taking out a 10% chunk of Montreal's available rooms. Montreal obviously has a tourism issue on its hands.

Let's be real people, everyone hates tourists, at least a little bit, but they bring money to the city, and that's always a good thing. Montreal shouldn't put a band-aid on the issue. Initiatives should be put in place that will increase tourists rates and help the hospitality industry. Catering to students will only get the city so far.

How should Montreal bring in more tourists?