Montreal Is Actually Europe In Disguise

See for yourself.

Have you ever looked around Montreal and seen just how much we are influenced by other cultures? Montreal is truly one of a kind as it combines culture and heritage from from all over the world.  Its biggest influence is by far Europe with a hint of American culture.

Our food, fashion, locations,and events seem to imitate that of Europe but... Montreal puts a little twist on it.  Yes, we have Little Italy and China Town but Montreal has far more to offer!

Now that summer is right around the corner, I'm sure that you are all thinking of taking that great get away vacation to Europe.  But we all know how it is when your broke...  SO, here are some things that Montreal has brought from Europe so that you can enjoy summer without leaving your city at a reasonable expense!

European Inspired Restaurants Are Everywhere


A photo posted by Nino's Pizzeria And Ristorantè (@ninos_pizza_millersville) on

- Nino's Pizzeria

6588 Monk Boulevard, Montréal, QC H4E 3J1

First up, we have Nino's Pizzeri! Nino's is a family runned business that has been open since 1959. They serve authentic Italian food but are best known for their scrumptious Pizza!

Based on personal experience, I can honestly say that Nino's offers pizza that feels like it came right off the boat. So, crack open that Rosé wine and bring a little piece of Italy home for you and your special someone.


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- Das Bier

5889 Avenue Papineau, Montréal, QC H2H 1W3

With the Euro Cup right around the corner, plan a perfect group event to Das Bier to watch your favourite team(AKA Germany) and drink some genuine German bier. Das Bier is a fun sports bar that not only has great German bier but also food! So kick back, relax, eat some pretzels, and watch who wins the Euro Cup!

And if that's not enough for you, then check out Atwater markets mini Oktoberfest! This German inspired event celebrates Germany and well... Beer! And trust me, being half German and having gone to Germany, the beer during the Oktoberfest and from Das Bier won't disappoint!


A photo posted by Brit & Chips (@britandchips) on

- Brit & Chips

433 Rue McGill, Montréal, QC H2Y 2H1

The staple British dish of fish and ships has made its way to Montreal. Brit & Chips has brought to Montreal the traditional dish that is served in a newspaper but has incorporated some Montreal twists! I mean they really went Quebec style by having a poutine styled fish and ships... It doesn't get any better than that!


European Inspired Fashion Looks Everyone Wears


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- The "I'm Not Trying But Still Look Good" Look

Straight from Europe, we have the look that we all try to attain during school. The look where we still put just as much effort in but we try to look like we didn't. This is the look were we take an hour trying to get that perfect messy bun.We all want to look like we just threw on a pair of leggings and a crop top when we were rushing out of the house to make an exam.

This was a result from trends in Europe! Based on personal experience, many girls in Europe use this look almost everyday. Montreal has adopted this look into their fashion senses giving girls multiple choices for what we call this "care free look".

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- The Infamous Man Bun Look

The man bun made its first global appearance with David Beckham in one of his soccer matches. Ever since then, the man bun has expanded from soccer to everyday hairstyles in Montreal. The phase has crossed over Europe to Montreal and continues to grow in our fashion senses.

The controversy of whether this is considered hot or not is still up in the air. Some think it's gross and a deal breaker to a relationship, but others find it one of the hottest things. The man bun goes from a sporty look to a sexy sleek look depending on how you work it!

A photo posted by E D I T O R I A L (@editorialboutique) on

- The Boyfriend Jeans Look

Bring a little piece of Europe to your wardrobe by getting yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans! This style began simply by girls wearing their boyfriends oversized clothes. Afterwards, Coco Chanel, the French fashion designer, brought the androgynous style that was inspired by menswear and focused on comfort and simplicity.

So fall in love with your new comfy pants while you go to Atwater market and eat a yummy croissant!

European Inspired Events And Locations All Over The City


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- Ilesoniq Is Basically Tomorrowland

Montreal's local EDM music festival, Ilesoniq, is a copy of Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland originated in Belgium and has been an active EDM event since 2005. Tomorrowland is the largest electronic music festival that hires multiple Djs. Ilesoniq hires some of the same Djs and tries to recreate the same scene and ambiance at a local level in Montreal.

Facebook: Ilesoniq, Tomorrowland

A photo posted by Pizzeria Napoletana (@pizzerianapoletanamtl) on

- Montreal's Italian Week

Montreal's Italian Week is a cultural festival that occurs each summer in Montreal. This week celebrates the magnificent culture and diversity of Italy. Those who go to the festival can enjoy its musical, art, and food that have been inspired by Italian traditions.

The activities range from operas, fashion shows, car shows , concerts, to literary events, art exhibitions, and tasting the glorious food Italy has to offer.

All are welcome to celebrate the Italian heritage of Montreal. So bring your family and friends to Italy without spending thousands of dollars! Just make your way to little Italy in Montreal. I can honestly say that their food is almost as good as my nonna's!

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- Old Montreal is basically Europe

Take a nice stroll through Old Montreal to get a taste of its European inspired architecture. So, if you are trying to impress your family that came in from out of town, bring them to Old Montreal and point out the grey-stone architecture that was influenced by the Europeans.

Most older buildings of Montreal, such as the Notre-Dame Basilica or even Dawson College, have been influenced by that of France and England. So, walk through Old Montreal and appreciate the beauty it offers before you head on out to Europe since a little piece of it is right under your nose.

Europe is with no doubt beautiful and everyone should go at least once in their life! But, we should appreciate what our city of Montreal has to offer since it brings a little piece of Europe to the heart of all Montrealers... and at a cheaper price!

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