Reasons Why McGill Is Better Than Concordia

Photo cred - Samyoul Kim

There have been some rumours floating around here that Concordia is a better university than McGill, and as a proud McGill student, I just can’t let that go unaddressed. So, to set the record straight here are just a few of the many reasons why McGill is, and always will be, a far superior school to Concordia.

1. The rankings

Let’s start with the obvious - the rankings. McGill is consistently ranked above Concordia on lists of both Canadian and international universities. These tend to take into consideration things like research, reputation, and student satisfaction, so even at a first glance, McGill is already coming out on top.

2. We know how to party

Yes, we’re known for being masters of academia, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to party. In fact, we unapologetically party harder than any other school in Quebec and we’ve even gotten some recognition for it - Playboy ranked McGill as one of the top 10 party schools in North America. The frosh beer tents, OAP and carnival could possibly have something to do with it.

3. The prestige

We’ve got history coming out the butt at McGill, having been founded almost 200 years ago, which is pretty significant compared to Concordia’s mere 40. We have beautiful old buildings and an excessive amount of notable alumni including 2 Prime Ministers, 112 Olympians, 3 Pulitzer Prize winners, 9 Academy Award winners, and who could forget that Arcade Fire met while studying at McGill.

Photo cred - Slack12

4. We have more programs

Some people might think Concordia has more options when it comes to choosing a program, but in reality McGill has 340 undergrad and 250 graduate programs while Concordia only has 285 undergrad and 70 graduate programs. Not exactly what one would consider plentiful in comparison.

5. You can drink all over campus

McGill fully supports the idea that you should be able to grab a drink immediately after class, no matter where you are on campus, which is probably why we have upwards of 10 places that you can do so. Concordia's going to have to up their on-campus bar game if they want to compete.

6. So many activities

Having so many students means we have a ton of different clubs and activity groups, which means there’s usually something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to play boardgames, ride horses, or help women in war torn countries, we’ve got you covered.

7. We have cool shit

Sure, Concordia has some cool art galleries, but we have the Redpath museum which is riddled with awesome stuff. Have you ever wanted to see an Egyptian mummy or a Dinosaur skeleton? Because you can do that there.

8. We’re just smarter

According to Maclean’s, McGill has the highest entering grade of any Canadian university, sitting at 90.3%. Concordia comes in at 82.7%, which is still pretty respectable, but remains miles behind McGill. MC Hammer said it best, u can’t touch this.