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Reasons Why You Should Be A Montreal University Sports Fan

Montreal`s young and promising athletic talent is worth cheering for.
Reasons Why You Should Be A Montreal University Sports Fan

Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

Going to your university’s sporting events is a fundamental aspect of every student’s experience. The chants, the face paint, the “early” Saturday mornings. It's always a nice way to take a break from studying or kick off your weekend. If you're not going to your school's sports games, get on it because you're missing out.

Here's why >

You have sick predrinks

By far the coolest part of being a university sports fans are that you have the dopest predrinks. You’re getting drunk with hundreds of other students who all have a common interest. Now you have the perfect opener to talk to that cute guy/girl in your econ class who's at the game. You can also cheer as loud as you want, and there aren’t any noise complaints. Even better, you have a serious crew to roll with to wherever you’re going after.

It's an excuse to eat crappy food

Hot dogs and Beer. The achilles heel of many a university student and now you have the perfect excuse to eat them on a weekly basis. Every time I go to a university sporting event, I always go for two dogs and a cold Molson Ex. It’s just not right if you don’t. The best hot dog I’ve had in Montreal is at Molson Stadium during McGill Redmen football games.

Gets you out of bed early on Saturday

Well, it's not early for real people. But for students, getting up at noon for a football game on Saturday morning can seem daunting. It's not. Grab a coffee and try to focus on the little blurry dots as they run up and down the field with a pounding headache while you breathe the fresh air. By the time the game is over, you're ready to hit up the library for a bit of studying in the evening.

Show your school spirit!

You're proud of your school so show it! It's even more fun to join your student fan club. What's better than painting your face, shouting chants while you hold banners and sing to support your school? University sports fans are proud of their school and are NOT shy about it. If you've ever been to a McGill football game, you know what I'm talking about. Students in Red Thunder, the McGill student fan club, shout for four hours straight. Even if you were deaf you'd never miss them -- they're the ones dressed up in all red with face paint.

You could learn a thing or two

Sports brings people together. People are always down to shoot the breeze about sports - it's the best way to minimize an awkward conversation with someone you just met. So go to the games and learn the rules or just look at the brochure and see what the team's record is. Just be prepared for you social circle to triple in size within a week of acquiring your new knowledge.

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