Reasons Why You Should Have A Fling In Montreal This Summer

Locals and tourists are yours for the kissing.
Reasons Why You Should Have A Fling In Montreal This Summer

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Whether you live in Montreal permanently or a just visiting, everyone can agree that this city has a magical effect on its inhabitants in the warmer months. I think it’s because we’re cooped up all winter long. In the summer, all of anyone wants to do is drink, relax, sleep, and most importantly have sex! Yep, don’t try and deny it, Montreal makes everyone horny. But some people are on the fence when it comes to casual sex and relationships with definite expiration dates. So, if you want to fling, but still need a bit of convincing, here is why Montreal is the perfect city to test the waters.

1. Because Many Opportunities To Meet People

Seriously, there is no better time than a Montreal summer to find someone to spend your days with. Everyone is outside, hanging out, drinking, and going to festivals. People are ready to connect, so why not give it a go? You'll be going out every night anyways, so you'll have lots of chance to do so!

2. Because Lots Of People

Like I said, everyone who resides in the city is outside. But on top of that, people from around the world come to the city to enjoy the weather as well. If you’re paying attention then you’ll find someone who get’s your boat floating. There are so many locals and tourists, it’s near impossible not to. And if you’re into playing the field, there is a good chance you’re not going to run into undesirable people.

3. Because No Judgement

Luckily Montreal is relatively liberal city. You’re not going to get any judgment regarding who you sleep with. Everyone does their own thing so you’re free to do you, without having to be sneaky or shamed about your endeavors. Live yo’ life!

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4. Because Impossible To Be Bored

Another reason a Montreal fling is great is because you will always have something to do together. Montreal’s club scene livens up even more (if you can believe it), there are concerts upon concerts, and Tam Tams on the weekends. Flings are more about the doing, rather than the “getting to know you” type of relationship. So instead of being indoors and awkwardly going through the beginning relationship steps, you can just enjoy the others company while having a kickass time.

5. Because Everyone Will Be Doing It

Lastly, if you’re worried about being the only fling seeker in Montreal this summer, do not fret. You are DEFINITLEY not. Everyone here is looking for something (or someone) fun to heighten their summer. It’s a common thing, not only in here but around the world. Although I have to say that Montreal does get pretty into it (you horny bastards). What I’m getting at is that flings are meant to be stress free, so don’t over think it. I mean, don’t be stupid, but you don’t have to get all in a tizzy about that summer love either.

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