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Reasons You Should Always Go For The Girl Who Drinks Protein Shakes

They have goals and a purpose.
Reasons You Should Always Go For The Girl Who Drinks Protein Shakes

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When you’re at the gym and you gaze out of focus for a second, you’ll take into account the wide range ofgym goers. In your presence, you have the meat head who has torque of a V8, like seriously, you are on the maximum weight capacity, your job here is done, go home. You have the group of bros – you know what they say, “it takes a whole village to raise a child!” You have the cardio bunnies, the headphone hanks, the sweaty-too-good-to-whip-down-the-equipment-guys, the bike texters, the mirror flexors, the beasts, and then the rest.

But one thing you will notice is the one girl that isn’t afraid to lift as much as the guys. Stays true to her course, never misses a day, and always has a post-workout shake as she trots out of the gym. Don’t lie, you’ve noticed her.

Why you should always go for that girl, the one who drink protein shakes:

1. They are girls with a goal and a purpose.

They know where they want to be and know what they have to sacrifice to achieve it. A very positive attribute amongst many gym goers across the board.

2. She's simplistic.

Women who are fitness addicts tend to be less obsessed with materialistic items. They are spending more money on supplementation and gym memberships than designer bags and Friday night outfits. Sure each qualify as ‘wants’ as opposed to ‘needs’ but one is developing physical skills and the other one isn’t.

3. More conscious about life decisions.

For whatever reason, people who tend to be more conscious about what they are putting in their bodies are also the same people who reflect on other aspects of their life. Being a gym enthusiast is an expensive hobby from food sources to gym clothes. So, if that aspect of your life is a priority- other things get a major re-evaluation.

4.  She's mature.

Girls who drink protein shakes are less likely to drink vodka shots and dance on the bars speaker. They are genuinely introverted and prefer crafting up new healthy recipe ideas.

5. She’s proactive.

Protein swigging girls are the type that will look down the road 45 years from now and will be glad they took their health very seriously that time ago. They look at the long-term benefits and rarely get shortsighted with goals.

6. She's confident.

Hitting the weight room can be pretty intimidating. She's the type that isn't afraid to do things alone. If she wants menchies, then menchies it is, regardless if they have someone to do it with or not.

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