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Reckless Drunk Man Drove Into Crowded Beach In Canada (Video)

Brave people jumped in to save all the others.
Reckless Drunk Man Drove Into Crowded Beach In Canada (Video)

Picture this: It's a beautiful day in August, the sun shining, you're kicking back on a Sunday afternoon with your family or friends on a sandy beach, could this be the most pleasant day ever? 

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Until - surprise, a minivan just hurtles itself uncontrollably onto the beach, and you have about a split second to think before running for your life! This is not usually the type of thing you expect to happen in Canada on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

But this is precisely what occurred in Port Dover Ontario over the weekend when an intoxicated middle-aged man drove his minivan onto a crowded beach full of families and people enjoying the beautiful weather we had over the weekend.

This video was captured by a witness to the incident, he starts filming before the police arrive to eventually arrest this clearly disturbed man.

Some courageous individuals intervened before the police arrived, and helped to pull the man out of the minivan. He can be seen saying "you will all pay" to the other people witnessing the event.

According to a source, many people who witnessed the event claim that it was because of these brave bystanders that no one was actually killed or injured during this terrible incident. 


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