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You're Finally Going To Be Able To Return The Bottles You've Saved While Stuck At Home

Recycling for consignment is officially coming back!
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You're Finally Going To Be Able To Return The Bottles You've Saved While Stuck At Home

How many bottles do you currently have hidden somewhere in your kitchen? Well, according to a news release from May 11, you'll soon be able to start recycling for consignment in Quebec again. Yes, it's true — only one short week left to wait until you can finally return all the bottles you've been collecting while being at home during the past two months. 

The news release from RECYC-QUÉBEC starts off by saying that "the Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, RECYC-QUÉBEC, retailers, convenience stores and brewers agreed this weekend on a plan for the gradual resumption of deposit-return operations."

So clearly, getting recycling for consignment going again wasn't a one-person task.

All of these groups together "agreed to allow the return of returnable containers outside, and this, in compliance with the rules of physical distancing."

Some places have already started accepting recyclable items again, but the news release confirms the take-back activity in grocery stores and depanneurs "will come fully into force during the week of May 18."

So, it won't be long until that pile of beer bottles you've been gathering for the last few weeks helps you make a small profit.

RECYC-QUÉBEC took to Twitter to share the good news as well.

Translation: "Gradual resumption of deposit activities. In a few days, citizens will be able to properly dispose of returnable containers that they have accumulated at home."

But, the method for bringing back your recyclable bottles and cans won't look the same way as it used to — it's going to be happening outside rather than in stores.

"Whenever possible, retailers will take back refundable containers brought in by the public in outdoor spaces in their parking lots," the news release explained.

We are further told that "the recovery operations may prioritize the recovery of containers such as refillable beer bottles (CRM), in cooperation with the brewers and recoverers concerned."

So, both buying local beer and bringing these bottles back help support Quebec businesses!

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As it stands right now, wine and liquor bottles cannot yet be returned for consignment in Quebec, as they can in some other Canadian provinces.

But, if all goes well, this may become a possibility by 2022.

Stay tuned for more news.

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